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Marek Lejbrandt (Marek01) fotografia: Bogdan Wi¶niewski

Photography has ever been my passion - since childhood. It has never become my profession though - I had graduated from Warsaw University of Technology - but it has always been a passion of mine, coming to life initially in black and white negatives, then in colour filmstrips. At last I have started working with a digital camera in 2008.

I have always been most interested in wildlife and I have yearned to show it's beauty through my pictures. I pay highest attention to landscapes, plants and shapes and patterns formed by Nature. Being well aware of the role light has to play in photography, I try to take pictures in the fascinating illumination of twilight and dawn. I always try to capture an image that has drawn my attention with a shape creating a sense of tridimensionality. Colours play the main role in many of my photographs, stressing the advantages of the theme and evoking a corresponding mood. With my pictures I am trying to tell about the evanescence of a moment in time, knowing, that the image in my eyes may vanish within mere seconds or minutes.

Marek Lejbrandt (Marek01) - fotografia: Bożena Komorowska Travelling across Poland and the rest of the world I am searching for themes that are representative for the land or country. I do not restrict my interest to wildlife, but I am trying to take pictures of humans, their everyday life and habits. I am able to dedicate myself to my passion thanks to the understanding of my wife Elizabeth. She is also a photography passionate, specializing in reportage photography.

I have been a member of Polish Wildlife Photographers' Society for many years. I was the president for this Society for a couple of years. I am a winner of many photographic competitions, my works have been displayed at numerous exhibitions, individual and also collective ones. My pictures are being published in different newspapers, albums, books, outdoor folders and exhibition catalogues, also from exhibitions referring to music (Chopin's Foundation in Argentina). My works are also displayed as decorative pictures in many Polish and foreign households.

Marek Lejbrandt